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player information
name: Claire
age: 28
contact: [ profile] slanndalous
other characters: N/A

character information
name: Prompto Argentum
canon: Final Fantasy XV
canon point: After being captured by the Empire and taken to the Imperial capital Gralea during Chapter 13
age: 20

(canon) background: LINK

abilities: Prompto is the stealthy one of FFXV's four man team. As a member of the Crownsguard, sworn to protect the royalty of Lucis, he has gone through rigorous training from Gladiolus and others to prepare him for Noctis' journey to Altissia. He knows basic survival, marksmanship, self-defense, and first aid.

He also has the ability to materialize his firearms out of thin air using Noctis' inherit Lucian royalty hocus pocus. The bond between Crownsguard and Lucian royalty allows for this, although it's not explained in any great detail.

Lastly, he has a few special abilities that use his weaponry.

  • Piercer: Pierce target with a firearm to hit multiple enemies in a line. Reduces enemy defense.

  • Starshell: Draws enemy attention within a wide radius with a bright light shot into the air. Causes Light damage and fatigues daemons.

  • Gravisphere: Creates a large energy ball that draws in enemies to the center.

  • Recoil: Deal heavy damage to a single enemy with a controlled explosion.

  • Trigger Happy: Causes damage to a wide range of enemies.


  • Compassionate/Sensitive: Within the four-man group, Prompto is usually the most observant of his friends' mood changes or anything ailing him. When Noctis has troubles with sudden headaches, Prompto asks him regularly if they should take a break. He's also very attentive to Ignis' new disabilities toward the end of the game and is always there lending a supportive hand for the other man.

  • Sense of Humor: As the greenhorn of the team, Prompto receives criticism at times during combat or for zoning out during their journey. Despite these critiques and, at times, sharp jabs he takes them in stride without letting it get to him (at least on the surface). In dark situations, he is the first to add an air of flippancy and light-heartedness to whatever challenges they encounter. Usually with terrible puns.


  • Foot in Mouth Syndrome: Remember that good sense of humor, weelll... It causes him to speak without thinking. Even his friend Ignis comments that his excited comments can be flippant or disrespectful in certain situations.

  • Insecurity: His cheery, superficial persona is a well-constructed shell he's built up around him, but inside he still admits that he feels like an outsider and a burden among the four main characters. These insecurities likely stem from his heritage as a test subject of the Niflheim military, sworn enemy of the Lucis kingdom, and as an overweight child with no friendsy. Prompto feels he must go out of his way to be as exuberant and unforgettable as possible any attention (whether positive or negative) on him.

skills (optional): He is a photographer and is known as a "technophile" by his friends. He has a lot of interest and knowledge about cars and mechanical repair. Prompto is also a great rifleman.
housing (optional): Wherever!

network username: promptastic

network sample:

prose/action sample:


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